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the photos within our website were personally taken by us. As you can see, from carefully chosen angles and lighting, we are able to capture the beautiful and charming ambience that the villas are able to offer. Getting this wrong can unfortunately lead to your proud investment not producing the desired feeling we know it can. 3spirit are also able offer our clients the opportunity to own a portfolio of their beautiful villa, whether it is for marketing purposes (Rentals or Sales) or just purely for decoration. Maybe you do not get many chances to spend time at your 2nd home. The creative architecture and natural environments of Phuket can easily turn a simple photo into a work of art. Maybe you do not get many chances to spend time at your 2nd residence. Hanging gracefully on a wall at home would only draw you to make a bigger effort in getting there more often. And if you simply don’t have time, then it would certainly inspire the more luxurious vacationer to invest a week or so and for you to receive reward in return.