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Photo Gallery: Diver Photographs Seaturtle

Diver Photographs Seaturtle

Our Scuba Training Pool

Beautiful but Hazardous Lionfish

Soft Corals and Scuba Diver

Have you ever thought of how it must feel to breathe underwater? Snorkeling is a wonderful experience, but you only really feel as though you are looking in from outside this magical new world. Take those first steps into scuba diving and you soon realize that you have now actually entered it. After gaining confidence in the confined area of the swimming pool, as you start descending into the open ocean, you are soon ready to spread out your wings and fly. Cruising along at this gentle steady pace, you start to realize how lucky you are, to have entered this magical realm of the underwater world.

At 3 Spirit, we are able to conduct The PADI Open Water Course at our own Private Pool and Classroom. We believe there is no better way for you to learn and build confidence than having a maximum ratio of only two students to one instructor. A larger group could be accommodated, but only if it’s a group of friends or a family. If desired we are also able to offer a one to one service. Have you been enjoying scuba for a long time, and wanting to get your spouse interested? Been anxious that he or she get an introduction to the sport that will imbue him or her with the same love of diving that you have? This is thei> way. This is the perfect opportunity for a couple to have their own space, caring careful instruction, and personal attention.

Other PADI Courses are also available, but preferably done in conjunction with a Live Aboard Cruise.

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